GGd PATRIMOINES PRIVÉS is a Swiss company registered in Geneva.


The Company is in compliance with FinSA and the Ordinance on Financial Servicesand offers multifamily office services to UHNW clients.


Tailor made investment solutions

We provide you with solutions from an entirely different perspective… Yours.We will give you and your family access to a full spectrum of wealth specialists, industry research and investment solutions only as long as these solutions are suitable for You.

Compliant with FinSA Law

In 2022 GGd has submitted a request to the The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA in French) to continue exercising its activities of Independent Financial intermediary. In the meantime GGd meets all the condions to comply with FINMA regulatory requirements. The supervisory approach is risk-oriented to protect clients interests and to enforce Swiss financial laws.

Incorporated under SWISS law


Our company is incorporated under one of the most secured and regulated jurisdiction. Swiss laws are the best guarantee for clients that highest suitability and due diligence standards in wealth management will be respected in order to ensure best client’s interest protection.

Family office services

We believe in independent wealth management. We provide family office solutions to clients by combining our investment and risk management expertise with our institutional access to bespoke financial solutions. We seek for perfection in line with Swiss tradition of excellence, reliability and prudence

Portfolio Consolidation

GGd offers you investment portfolio consolidation and reporting services providing you with a global view on your asset allocation and risk exposure with a clear vision on your overall investments.