Our Vision & Values

Family wealth is not just human and intellectual capital or valuable material possession.

We truly believe families’ wealth is the result of their history and their extraordinary achievements which were founded and built based on family’s deep values and strong beliefs.

We believe in Independant Wealth Advisor 

Values are essential to give a sense to life.


Our Commitment :

We strive to deliver a long term PRIDE advisory experience to our clients.

Our values in GGd guide us to serve you with…







Consulting mandate

Advisory mandate

Discretionary mandate

“Your choice, our quest”


"Your choice, our quest"

Consulting Advisory Service

GGd prepares for you an independent analysis of your portfolio and makes bold recommendations that allow you to efficiently manage your investments.

Investment Advisory service

Based on your investments goals GGd makes recommendations and, only with your approval, it will take care all the order execution. GGd is committed to obtain the best execution in each trade. Moreover, it seeks to reduce your tax burden by targeting tax efficient opportunities. It also offers consolidation, and comparison of all banks services and pricing.

Discretionary Mandate services

For those who have no passion or no time for financial markets, GGd offers its Discretionary service. It encompasses all services mentioned in the Investment Advisory and it will also re-calibrate and reallocate your portfolio without bothering you, always based in your investment goals and respecting your risk profile.

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